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Welcome to our online event

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Welcome to Highland Car Club’s “Navigational Chatter”.  Launched in July 2020, we aim to entertain you with some table-top rally navigation.  And we hope you may like to chat about it afterwards!


The Chatter is not a competitive event.  We have designed it so that you can dip in and out whenever you have the time and inclination.  It is in manageable Legs of 9 or so sections (usually) on maps provided by us, and Legs 1 to 9 are now available.  Legs 1 to 4 are traditional Scottish navigation, including some new twists.  Legs 5 and 6 introduce some navigation styles and techniques from the Continent, and we are back in the UK for Legs 7, 8 and 9.


Each Leg fits on to an A4 map extract so you won’t even need to clear the kitchen table.  And you won’t have to wait for results – the route solution is also available for download so that you can check your own route.  Our motivation here is not just to avoid having to provide a results service, but also so that you can find out how well you have done whilst you can still remember what you have done, and maybe even why you did it.  There are also some more detailed route and instruction explanations, section by section, if you are still stuck.


For most Legs there are Novice and Expert instructions. The Novice instructions are obviously easier, but it is fair to say that both are usually a bit more challenging than you would find on an actual rally. There are no class qualification criteria - you just chose which class you want to do.  There should be something for everyone in the two classes, even if you have to flit between the two.


If you would like to give it a go, you can download a Leg pack via the buttons below.  Each pack comprises the Leg Map, Route Instructions (Novice or Expert) and the Solution Map.   You can download the route instructions for both classes if you want – they are for the same route, and it’s all free!  


You will also need to download and read the Regulations.  These are the same for all of the Legs.


And you can chat about the event in our Facebook Group -  Amongst the chatter, and in addition to comments on the Legs, we are hoping to see some shared enthusiasms, ideas for some new (and preferably elegant) styles of route instruction, and hints and tips for solving apparently complex navigation.  Any of that will make this project worthwhile!

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