2016/17 Season

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28th October 2016
Awards Night - Fairways Lesuire
All Welcome 7.30-8pm - POSTPONED

5th November 2016
Golspie Track Day

6th November 2016

Guy Fawkes Road Rally

14th Jan 2017
Honkers Road Rally

18th Feb 2017

Snowman Rally - Visit Snowman Rally to keep upto date.

11th March 2017

Claymore Road Rally

15th April 2017

One Day Tour

6th May 2017

Gravel Sprint

13th May 2017

Brahan Navigational Road Rally 

28th May 2017


9th July 2017


26th August 2017

Autumn Road Rally

27th August 2017


9th/10th Sept 2017

Crofterra Pandemonia



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